12 July 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Coffee Talk, or Cocktail Party

This week's topic at the Broke and the Bookish is Top Ten Authors I would DIE to meet.  I wouldn't really die to meet any of these people (except maybe my #1), but I would like to imagine myself at a cocktail party with them (or for the tamer crowd, around the table at my favorite coffee shop.

10. William Faulkner- preferably boozin' and tellin' lies

Faulkner in Hollywood

9. David and Amy Sedaris- what a crack up

8. George Eliot - They made pilgrimages, people, to see her

7. Nathaniel Hawthorne-despite some rather uncouth comments about women, my favorite 19th century hottie

6. Maira Kalman- just in case she is even half as charming as her books

5. F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald - they'll bring the party (go here for an example)

4. Truman Capote- do you really need to ask?

3. Toni Morrison- for her wisdom and her beautiful voice

2. Vladimir Nabokov- every party needs a Russian

1. Flannery O'Connor- the woman I most want to meet

There are young, living fiction writers I would like to meet too, but I see them as a possibility, so I am going for the fantasy list. 


  1. Great list! I forgot so many of them on mine. I love Nathaniel Hawthorne (definitely a hottie!), George Eliot, the Fitzgeralds and Truman Capote.

  2. I'm so thrilled that someone else included O'Connor! I love her writing so much, and I admire the way she always stuck by her beliefs, even when they were challenged.

    And I love that you also included the Fitzgeralds. This is a great list!

  3. I need to be a better read person. Sigh. I agree with you about Hawthorne, what a hottie!

  4. Flannery O'Connor ; wow that's a good one .
    I would be afraid Nabokov thought everything that came out my mouth as stupid .
    All in all a great list

  5. I would have had Maira Kalman on my list except I've already met her! Well, I suppose the truth is that I didn't really meet her, but I did get to listen to her speak in a small group at the Texas Book Festival. She was fabulous!

  6. Great list! This would be a fabulous cocktail party with this group. The Fitzgerald's were lots of fun in Midnight in Paris. Loved that movie! The Sedaris siblings would be entertaining as well.

  7. Great list! This would be a fabulous cocktail party with this group. The Fitzgerald's were lots of fun in Midnight in Paris. Loved that movie! The Sedaris siblings would be entertaining as well.

  8. What a great list! What a dinner party that table would be. The Sedaris siblings- awesome pick. (Also, thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog!)

  9. The second time in three days I've come across Flannery O'Connor! What exactly is she famous for?... I debated for awhile on George Eliot, but finally went for another woman writer....I somehow think meeting Elliot wouldn't been a rather oppressive experience...

  10. Great list! I'd love to share a conversation with all of those authors!

  11. a serious party happenin' here, no doubt! ;) Even more interesting than meeting these authors would be the interaction between the authors, don't you think??

  12. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I knew your list would be a good one. I confess that I haven't read books by most of the authors on your list, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to meet them. I agree about the fantasy list. To some degree I did the same.

  13. Nice fantasy list! I agree with the Fitzgeralds - they would be fun!

  14. The Fitzgerald's would be awesome. I'd love to meet them!!
    P.S. I love your name and your logo!

  15. This list is fabulous. And it's making me want to read a David Sedaris book immediately.

  16. Flannery O'Connor would be so fun to meet. I had to read one of her short stories in an English class and I was blown away by how normal yet morbid her story was. My teacher told me all her short stories are like that. She's so intriguing.

  17. Nice list! I really need to give Flannery O'Conner a try. I keep hearing really good things.


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