Belated Readathon...yes, please!

So, I woke up this morning and it was this outside:

Ah, yes, a lovely wintery dusting.  I live in AZ, so the snow is super beautiful and melts pretty fast, but it looks like it is going to be coming down all day, which makes it just perfect and cozy for Amanda at Dead White Guys' readathon.

So, consider this my first update.  I've been reading this...

...for about an hour, but I didn't look at what page on was one when I started, so page counting with commence NOW.

Snacks:  Coffee, mini-bagel + cream cheese,  Greek yogurt.

Now, I must call Ticketmaster to try to exchange some tickets for Wicked that I bought ON THE SAME DAY as my best friend's wedding (AAAARGH, what is wrong with me).  Then I will be back to reading, and later to updating.  I might even post a picture of me in my yucky pajamas, reading with two pugs on my lap.


  1. I've decided that remaining in PJs is key to read-a-thon success. I got dressed, and it's been one distraction after the next ever since. I'm heading for the PJ drawer now.


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