Readathon: Part Deux

Time:  11:10 a.m. AZ time (this is MOUNTAIN time, and now is the time when AZ disregards the rest of the country and goes rouge with its time zone).

Here is the scene since last update:

That is a lump that looks a little like my lower body, with a pug sleeping on it, with a book resting on the pug.

Here are some highlights since last update:

Reading: Mockingjay (only 60 pages though, sad)
Eating: 3 Advil (I had two glasses of wine last night at a Hope for Haiti fundraiser)

  • Felt sad that I needed 3 Advil after two glasses of wine.
  • Fell asleep for 45 minutes because I decided it was okay to lie down and pugs make me sleepy.
  • Still snowy.
  • Changed into "workout gear" even though I have no intention to workout and they are just glorified pajamas.
Well, my lunch is almost ready (poblano and jack tamale), so I'm going to get back to it.  I'm going to finish Mockingjay before the next update.


  1. I think the Hunger Games books would be amazing during a readathon. And your pug is so cute!

    Happy reading!

  2. @ Rayna: Thanks! Mockingjay did work pretty well, and Egon appreciates the compliment I'm sure.


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