The Sunday Salon: Bookish Travels

Reading in St.James Park from flickr
My Sunday Salon this week is only marginally bookish.  My husband and I have been planning a trip to Europe for the past couple of years.  We ended up spending our honeymoon here in the States, which was wonderful, but we have never had the opportunity to travel together internationally.  I've been to all around Europe - it will be my third trip - and I studied abroad in London in 2003.  On this trip we will be gone about two weeks and we are going to London, Amsterdam and Paris.  Amsterdam is one of the places I haven't been, so we will both have the opportunity to experience something new.  We are reeeeeaaalllly excited!

So, what does this all have to do with books?  I'm eliciting recommendations.  I want suggestions from my British, Dutch, or French fellow bloggers  and fellow travelers for great bookish adventures in the cities that we are planning to visit.   What are the bookish tourist attractions?  What are the best bookstores?  What quiet cafes can we visit to sit and read our books?  And, maybe most importantly, what should I read while I'm there?

We aren't going until May, so there should be plenty of times for suggestions:) 

How are all of you this Sunday?  Have you been on any bookish vacations?


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