Top Ten Tuesday - BFFs

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and these are my top ten fictional characters I would like to be friends with:

10. Babette from Don Delillo's White Noise:  Babette is kind of neurotic, and nurturing, and loving and I can totally relate to her.  I feel like I could sit at my kitchen table, sipping tea with her and unload a whole lot of crap, and she would listen and make good eye contact.

9. Pippi Longstocking:  Crazy fun.  And my real life best friend is a red head, so Pippi and I are meant to be.

8. MaryAnne from The Babysitter's Club series:  I loved these books. Mary Anne was the shy, quiet one and I could relate to that.  I could not relate to sportiness, or popularity.  So, Mary Anne is definitely the one that I would hang with.  I still watch this movie sometimes, for fun.

7. Mary Shelley:  Okay, so she is an author, not a character.  But I would have really liked to hang out with her.  Come on, she wrote Frankenstein, at 19, while pregnant.  When I was 19, I took naps everyday...Maybe I still do.

6. Puck from A Midsummer Night's Dream: I'm pretty quiet and mild mannered, but I've always liked trouble-makers.

5. Beth from Little Women:  I don't remember reading Little Women, although I know I've read most of it, but I remember the movie version with Winona Ryder and Claire Danes.  It didn't hurt that I loved Claire Danes at the time, but Beth is totally the kind of fictional character I'm drawn to: quiet, sweet and a bit fragile.

4. Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden: Here is another sickly character, but I was really jealous of that garden.

3. Jane Eyre: Duh.

2. The Merry Pranksters from The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test (and of course, real life): Can you imagine?  I mean Tom Wolfe did it, so I could handle it, right?  Not the Hell's Angels though.  I would not want to hang out with them.

1. Dorothea Brooke from Middlemarch: She is smart and has lots of drama. 

These are always so much harder for me than I think they are going to be.  I realized that I like shy, quiet friends, and totally insane friends, kind of in equal parts.


  1. Pippi! Yes. She should definitely be on my list.

  2. Merry Pranksters would be a lot of fun, although I think i'd pretty quickly pike out on a few of their escapades. They might be a little too out their for me in real life!


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