Ally Condie, Matched: Review and GIVEAWAY

I'm not a YA reviewer, and sometimes I feel a little odd when I do review YA books on my blog.  This particular book had a lot of hype and a very beautiful cover and I was definitely excited to read it.

Here is the premise: Cassia lives in a society (The Society), which is guided entirely by probability and statistics.  This includes romantic relationships.  The book begins on Cassia's seventeenth birthday, on her way to her matching ceremony, where she will learn who she will be courted by, and will eventually marry.  When her match is about to be revealed, the screen stays blank for a moment, before a picture of her childhood best friend, Xander, appears on the screen. This is very uncommon in The Society for people to be matched with acquaintances.  However, when she goes home to view the data the officials have given her on her match, another face pops up her screen: Kyle, a mysterious classmate, adopted from the Outer Provinces.  Cassia begins to develop an obsession with Kyle, and also a rebellious streak that may threaten her position in the Society.

The dystopian themes in the book are fairly common, and it seems to contain many of the common tropes in female YA-fantasy novels.  Cassia finds herself in a love triangle, which propels the plot of disobedience to the society.  One thing that I did enjoy a lot about the book was the use of poetry throughout.  Cassia's dying grandfather gives her a copy of Dylan Thomas, 'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night,' a poem which is not included in the Hundred Poems allowed by The Society.  The words inspire Cassia, and one of the reasons that she is compelled towards Kyle, is that he teaches her to write by hand.  Poetry and writing represent that which can't be quantified by the society, the chaos and disorder that is beginning to invade Cassia's carefully planned life.

I enjoyed reading the book, but like I said, I read YA mostly for entertainment and I'm not that adept at reviewing it.  However, I don't think it is one that I want to keep on my shelves.  I was getting ready to post it on Paperback Swap, but then I thought: Why not host my first giveaway?  So, that is what I decided to do.  The giveaway will run from tonight, through Jan. 1st.  All you need to do to enter is follow my blog :)  You can get an extra entry by telling others about the giveaway.  Just fill out the form!

THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED! Thank you to all who entered.


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  11. See I really liked this book when a lot of other bloggers didn't.
    It's not the most amazing literature but it's good and a bit different...that's coming from the girl whose suddenly obsessed with dystopian...anyway. Glad you kind of agree. :)


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