Top Ten Tuesday - Cozy Reading!

The Broke and the Bookish host this weekly meme:

And this weeks topic is "Top Ten Favorite Places to Read":

10.  In transport:  I like to read in the car, on trains, in the subway, and on airplanes.  I've been on a boat like one time - a Greek Isles cruise- and I read on that too.  Some people say that reading in the car, makes them nauseous, not me.  As a child, I always would lie down in the backseat of the car and read through the family road trip.  It was only as an adult that I realized that I was missing scenery like this:
9. In the sun: This one isn't a specific place really, but more a time of day.  I really like to read mid morning when the sun is at its most intense in the house.  I like to be where the sun is, but indoors.  In my current house that is around 10:00 in the morning on my couch.  When I lived in Tucson (the time in my life that I did the most reading), it was in the early afternoon on my bed by the window.  I love indoor sunshine.
8. Trees:  When I was studying for my M.A. exams, I was nearing the end of my list and I was reading Whitman.  I decided that it would be a really outdoorsy thing for me to climb the tree in my back yard to finish the reading.  Needless to say, I hurt myself.  I actually scraped up my wrists really badly, which led to a lot of jokes about me being suicidal about the exams:( Oops.  I did have a tree in my yard as a child though that I liked to sit in with a book.

7. The Beach:  Unfortunately, I don't really have this luxury anymore.  I always read at the beach though.  I'm not really one for games, or swimming, but I love the warm sand and good book.

6. St. James Park, London:  When I moved to London it was really cold.  Cold.  As soon as it started to get even the slightest bit warm, everyone went to the park.  I spent a lot of time reading in the green striped chairs...mostly chick lit.

 5. At the Gym: I always read at the gym, even when I'm reading some big clunky book.  This is the one time I really wish I had a Kindle.  There are some machines that are more amenable than others.  For example, running on the treadmill while reading is nearly impossible and when I see people do it, I wonder how they aren't killing themselves.  Lately I've been trying to limit my YA reading to the gym.  It makes the workout go by faster, and if I get sucked into the story, it motivates me to go more frequently to finish the book.
4. The Library:  When I need to not fall asleep, I go to the library.  In Tucson, there was really no where in my small studio to read, except for in bed.  So, if I needed to finish something, it was off to the library.
3. In Waiting Rooms:  I don't really like to read in waiting rooms, but I do it a lot.  I always (like any good book nerd) have a book in my purse, so I get a lot of reading done while I'm waiting.
2. Coffee Shops:  Some are too loud, but this is where I get most of my reading done.  In Prescott, my favorite coffee shop is the Wild Iris, which I've mentioned before.  But, here is the Raging Sage, my favorite coffee shop of all time in Tucson:

  The picture is a little blurry, but just looking at it makes me feel cozy.
1. The Bathtub:  This is my absolute favorite, number one place to read.  I take baths just to get in some quiet reading time.  Unfortunately, the downside is that many of my books suffer water damage and can't be resold or traded.  Oh well.  It's worth it.

Great topic this week! Thanks!


  1. Yes! Another bath tub reader! It's so relaxing.

    I wish I could read in the car but I do love reading on trains, buses, planes, etc.

  2. The Bathtubs one of my reading fantasies LOL , I love reading in the car etc.
    Im a new follower

  3. Love the bathtub...despite several catastrophes there.

    My post:


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