Sunday Salon: Another Challenge for August

Frances @ Nonsuch Book has pledged to read all of the novellas in the Melville House collection this August.  She is asking people to join her in this challenge, which can be found on the Melville House blog Moby Lives.

I love the Melville House novella series.  In fact, I have a big fat book crush on them.  Earlier this year I reviewed Tao Lin, Shoplifting from American Apparel, which is one of the contemporary novellas.  I have four more sitting on my shelves, looking beautiful, so I will be signing up for the "Fascinated" level of the challenge, although I might bump it up to "Captivated."

Here are the books I plan to read:

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What are you reading this Sunday?


  1. These do look fascinating. I've never read a my knowledge, anyway! LOL

    Here's what I'm MY SUNDAY SALON POST

  2. Good luck!
    Those books are beautiful to look at, think how great a complete set would look on a bookshelf.

  3. I've read a few novellas. Always nice when you want a really quick read between larger volumes :]


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