My Brief Thoughts on Tina Fey, Bossypants

Author: Tina Fey
Publisher: Reagan Arthur an imprint of Little, Brown
Date: 2011
Genre: Celebrity Memoir, Humor

275 pages.
Where I got it: Bought it.
Challenges: None

Oh Tina Fey!  What can I say?  I love you, even with man hands. 

I'm feeling unconventional today, so I will make a list of 10 reasons to love Tina Fey, like I do:

10. After reading the book, you will adopt the phrase "crotch biscuits" and laugh every time you even think I just did.
9. Because even the "advance praise" on the back of the dust jacket is laugh out loud funny.
8. Because of the chart on page 186 displaying the "daily stress level of various jobs" which places television writing significantly below "managing a Chili's on a Friday night," and only slightly above "being a baby."
7. Because she is so lovingly self-effacing.
6. There is a chapter where she answers letters to people who are mean to her over the internet.  I was laughing on the airplane.  I hate airplanes and rarely laugh on them.
5. Bossypants is perfect airplane reading.  Or beach reading.  Or anywhere reading. 
4. 30 Rock is a really great show.  If you haven't seen it, you should.  It is interesting to read about how it is written and produced.  Tina Fey is a rockstar for creating it.
3. There is a chapter on "Remembrances of Being a Little Bit Fat," which includes the following bullet points: "Even though I only liked McDonald's fries, I believed it was more nutritious to make a meal of it and have two cheeseburgers as well"  and "I wore oversize men's overalls that I loved."  I've been there.
2. Tina Fey impersonates Sarah Palin.  She talks about it in here.
1. In all seriousness, Tina Fey is kind of awesome.  She is a successful woman in a world (comedy) that has been dominated by men for a long time.  She is a loving mother.  She is self-deprecating, but in a way that makes her reader feel like she is you and has been you, and you are her.  She isinspiring...and funny.


  1. I "read" this book in audio form. I didn't really know Tina Fey aside from her Palin impersonations, but her reading on the audio is great!

  2. I enjoyed your 10 point review and want to read read this even more than I did 2 minutes ago. Thanks :)

  3. I really really love Tina Fey, and I really really want to read this. Badly. I also need to watch 30 Rock and stop slacking on tv watching ;) hehe

  4. @As the Crow Flies: I bet that was really fun. I love it when comedians read their own work on the audio. Sedaris is my favorite reader of his own work.

    @Brenna: It's a great read between heavier things.

    @Laura: How dare you spend your time reading instead of watching TV.

  5. @As the Crow Flies- loved the audiobook as well! The only thing was I kept seeing Tina Fey as Liz Lemon reading this! Ditto about Sedaris.

  6. As others have said, the audiobook is fantastic and Tina Fey is awesome. I might have to re-listen to this soon!

  7. Is Tina Fey one of the voices on Megamind? Only I saw that film a couple of weeks ago and thought the voices were really good. I haven't seen 30 Rock (is living in the UK a good excuse?) but I'd like to. And I do love tender, funny self-deprecating memoirs. They're my favourite kind!

  8. Omg. The Dear Internet chapter was my favorite. Fantastic. Now we just need Poehler to write a book and the circle shall be complete.


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