Last Minute Shopping? Some Bookish Deals...

So, I don't usually post stuff like this, but seeing as it is Christmas, I've recently taken advantage of some sweet Kindle deals, and thought you may want to as well.  These were books that were on my wishlist and happened to be super cheap in the e-format.

The Last Werewolf is showing up on a few best of lists and is currently $3.99. I didn't buy this one, because I've already purchased a hardcover, but I was kicking myself a bit.

This one has been on my radar for a while, and it is a bangin' deal at $2.99.

Here we have a creepy dystopian that I read about on a blog (can't remember whose) a while back. It's $1.99.

Finally, for Sloane Crosley fans out there...

...she has a new Kindle Single, on which I have a book crush.
Good luck with your last minute shopping. Are you all ready for the holidays?

*Links are affiliate links, so if you click them and buy something, you will be contributing to The Scarlet Letter book fund:)


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