Object of Bookish Xmas Lust...

So, I have a COLD, which I get every semester the minute I submit my final grades.  It's like all the stress of the semester keeps me running and then when it releases, it turns into YUCKY GROSS illness.  That's my theory anyway.  So, as a result of being home with NO WORK and this cold, I've been spending too much time on the internets, looking at things like this...

Image from fashionpolice.net
Books, you say?  Shocking. No my friends, those are Kate Spade book clutches, and you can purchase them for your bookish and stylish lady friend HERE.   I'm pretty sure Gatsby is SOLD OUT, and I'm also pretty sure that they are the cutest thing ever.



  1. Oh my gosh - the grades-in sickness gets me EVERY Christmas break. I'm taking echinacea and vitamin c and hoping...

    Feel better!


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