The Sunday Salon: November in Review and Readathon Wrap -UP

HEEELLLOOOO....Happy Sundays.

I have a bit of wrapping to do this week.  First, I will wrap the Belated Readathon:  Thank you Dead White Guys.  I did read a book yesterday.

Seriously, I am incapable sometimes of productivity.  I posted yesterday at 4:04, then I feel asleep in the bathtub reading Hemingway (luckily I did not drown).  Then I shoveled the driveway with my husband so we could leave the house for dinner (BOO).  Then I ate some delicious BBQ pork shanks and catfish with fried clams and chipotle sauce (best snack of the day).  We got home about 9:00 and I just couldn't get back into it (BOO TWO).

So, in total I read about 250 pages. I finished Mockingjay and I read half of Old Man and the Sea.  I'll probably finish that today, now that I don't have a delicious food hangover, but the readathon is over, and AT LEAST I READ SOMETHING.

Now, for November in review...Also known as, "yet another depressing set of stats."

# of Books Read: 3

Which books?
Daniel Woodrell, Winter's Bone (here is my review)
Audrey McLelland, The Digital Mom Handbook (see below for mini-review)
Hilary Winston, My Boyfriend Wrote a Book about Me (review to come)

And there you have it, my worst reading month of the year.  YIKES.

I am not really planning on writing a full review of the Digital Mom Handbook, so here is a mini:

FTC:  I received this book from the publisher through NetGalley. Click the picture to buy it from POWELLS awesome city of books:

I hadn't read any books about blogging when I requested this from NetGalley.  I'm also not a mommy blogger (I don't have kids, so it would be pretty awkward), so I'm not exactly the intended audience for the book, but I did learn a lot from reading it about the blogging world at large and I enjoyed the examples and voices from real life bloggers that Colleen and Audrey included to illustrate the different kinds of financial and professional opportunities that blogging can provide.  I would definitely recommend this book for beginning bloggers (in particular mommy bloggers, in particular again if they are trying to turn blogging into a career and not just a really time consuming, but awesome, hobby).

As you can see, my November was a little bit sad.  How was yours?  Any exciting holiday plans?


  1. the good thing is, if this was your worst readling month of the year, the next one will be better :-)

  2. November wasn't my worst month, but it wasn't my best, either.

    The good news: I've read more books this year already than I did last year.


  3. I read 3 books as well. Not my best reading month I suppose, but at least it's something! :)

  4. Good food coma is nice compensation for not getting much reading done. November was a bit slow for me, too, but when real winter kicks in around here, I feel things will change.

  5. My read-a-thon and November were pretty sad too. I need December to be WAY better or I'm going to be very depress. There's nothing better than taking a nap in the bathtub. ;-) Have a great week.

  6. That's not sad at all, especially Winter's Bone, which I also read. Like you, I also saw the movie first so it skewed my view a little too. However, it still was a great book and a great movie.

  7. I would put my hat in the ring for the least books read in November, so don't feel bad. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice to meet someone who enjoyed WHEN YOU REACH ME. I also am a big fan of Old Man and the Sea so I hope you like it!

  8. My November was great, thank you. I have been doing lots of giveaways on my blog and need to get back to writing posts, though I have also posted a few reviews recently.

    Enjoy December.


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