Top Ten Tuesday: Gifts for Book Lovers

The Broke and the Bookish host Top Ten Tuesday each week and this week's topic, in preparation for the holidays, is:  Top Ten Books You Want to Give As Gifts

I love to give books as gifts, and I think there is a book for every person.  However, they are intensely personal, so my list this week is mostly geared towards bookish gifts for book lovers (*hint, hint for anyone reading this that might be buying me a gift this year* :))

10. A Subscription to Powells Indispensible
This is for any book lover building a collection.  A new selection comes every six weeks, with special surprises.  Like Uncle Eddie says in Christmas Vacation, "It's the gift that keeps on giving."
9.The Hunger Games Trilogy (Boxed Set)
This would be a great gift of closet fans of Twilight who haven't given other YA much of a chance.  Or for people who don't really read, but loved Twilight.  Or for lots of other people because they are just good books.

8.Penguin Clothbound, Major Works of Charles Dickens
I mean look at them up there.  Aren't they lovely?  These would be great for a lover of the classics, or for someone that loves design.  And Dickens just really says Christmas to me...

7.Best American Nonrequired Reading 2011
This is my personal favorite of the Best American series that comes out around this time every year.  It is fun to read, and the entries are short for the more reluctant reader.  The collection is edited by Dave Eggers and the stories/essays/articles are culled from the hippest of publications.

6.The Complete Persepolis
This would be a great gift for anyone who hasn't yet been introduced to the wonderful world of the graphic novel, or for long time fans for the genre.  Or for comic book fans, looking to transition into literature.  
5.It's a Book by Lane Smith
This is just the cutest thing.  It is great for adults or children, or for adults with children that they hope to mold into little librarian types. 

4.The Elements of Style (Strunk and White and Maira Kalman)
Groan if you would like, but I love Strunk and White and it is a classic for every English major's collection.  This edition has the added bonus of some lovely Maira Kalman illustrations. 

3.The Little Prince, Signed Limited Edition
So, I was just going to put The Little Prince on the list because it is most lovely and perfect for readers of all ages and all levels of bookishness.  However, it appears that Powells has a signed limited edition for the bargain price of $9000.  If you buy it through my affiliate link, you will support my reading for all of 2012:)
2.Jay-Z, Decoded
This was just released in a new edition.  I read it this year and really liked it and it is a nice physical object that would look great on any coffee table.

1. The Complete Melville House Art of the Novella Series
Of course.  You can buy the whole set and make any truly bookish lady (like yours truly) squeal with excitement.  

 What kinds of books do you like to give?

**Most of my links are affiliate links at Powells and Amazon.  Click to buy these great gifts and support The Scarlet Letter


  1. I'll just run out and get you that signed copy--it's such a bargain :D I like the idea of your first suggestion. What a great gift idea for a young couple. Thanks so much for stopping by today.

  2. Oh wow. I would LOVE to get the entire Art of the Novella set. Those are some beautiful little books.

  3. I had never heard of Powell's Indiespensible packages. I perused previous shipment and was seriouly drooling! What a cool gift that would be. Someday when I have the disposable income, I just may gift it to myself!

    Great top ten list--thanks for posting!


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