2011 Wrap Up Post - The Statistics Edition

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 71 total books read

19, 718 pages (including audio converted to pages)

34 books published in 2011!!! (I plan to work on this in 2012)

1831 publication year for the oldest book read

30  adult fiction books
16 young adult books
12 non-fiction books
6 graphic novels (fiction and non)
5 short story collections
2 books of poetry

29 books by men
41 books by women
1 book by a man and a woman

7 books by authors from outside the U.S.

27 advanced reading copies or books for review
7 ebooks (including Net Galleys)
5 audiobooks

11 books I bought new
8 books I bought used
17 library books
3 books I won
1 traded book


This was a great reading year for me, and the first year that I have chronicled all of my reading habits in such detail.  I am disappointed in the lack of variety in the books I read, especially in terms of time period.  I would like to read some older books and backlist books this year.  However, I have read lots of classics and still kind of consider myself a recovering academic, enjoying the privilege of reading freely, so I'm happy to continue to do that-- just with a little more variety.  I'm impressed by how many library books I read, and I'm surprised at how few of the books I bought new (since I buy a lot of new books, I'd better get to reading them).  In general, there is nothing here that horrifies me, but there are some things that might contribute to my 2012 reading goals- coming soon!



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