My Thoughts on Melissa Marr, Graveminder

Melissa Marr's Graveminder begins as the story of a rather strange small town.  The town is called Claysville, and there is something a bit off about the residents.  For starters, they don't get sick.  They also don't leave very often.  And now, something even stranger has happened in Claysville: one of the residents has been murdered.  The victim is the local graveminder, Maylene Barrow. Soon, Maylene's granddaughter, Rebekkah, is called back for the funeral, and what she finds at home is a different kind of inheritance that anything she had been expecting.  She also finds her childhood friend, and on again off again love interest, Byron, who stands to be a bigger part of her life that she had ever imagined.

Graveminder is a bit paranormal for my taste.  This doesn't say a lot about the book, but more about me as a reader.  I tend to like books that are set in our world (or my experience of it anyway), even if the characters are a little unbelievable.  In this book, the characters were certainly believable, but not the world.  I enjoyed the fantasy of the "land of the dead," but I felt myself hyper-criticizing the details of the setup, instead of losing myself in Claysville.  There is a mystery plot to the book, and I won't spoil anything by telling you that I was in fact surprised by the turns of events.  I didn't see much coming in this book, and I can certainly appreciate that.

Overall, my experience reading the book was pleasurable, but not memorable.  Pick it up if you are interested in a book that puts an interesting spin on a paranormal romance, with a bit of an historical fiction-y, old fashioned ghost story feel.

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Title: Graveminder
Author: Melissa Marr
Publisher: William Morrow
Date: 2011
Genre: Fiction, Paranormal

324 pages.
Where I got it: From the publisher, through TLC TOURS

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