Top Ten Tuesday: Around the Web

This weeks topic at The Broke and the Bookish for Top Ten Tuesday is a fun one.  What is also fun is that I am currently in Europe, but I planned ahead, so you are reading this.  Please forgive me if I don't make the rounds to comment.  Anyways, here are my Top Ten Blogs/Sites You Read That AREN'T about Book:

10. Least Helpful: Hilarious reviews actually posted on Amazon and such.

9. Flavorwire: Okay, so it is kind of about books.  But, it is also about other things, like art, and movies, and sometimes there are pugs in costumes.

8. Pinterest: My new favorite way to waste time.

7. I can't have the list without a Ryan Gosling Tumblr.

6. The Fashion Teller's Notes:  I don't read a ton of fashion blogs, but I really like this one.  Claire has a great voice.

5. Ditto on "mommy blogs," but I do read make love not beds partly because I went to high school with Carolyn, and mostly because the blog is funny and so stylish.  She has a great eye.

4. I've been addicted to Vice Magazine DOs and DON'Ts since college.

3. This is a really weird inclusion, but I travel a lot, and I am actually addicted to Priceline Name Your Own Price. I need a twelve step program.

2. I dearly love NPR, and the This American Life Podcast is my favorite.

1. I'm a long time fan of PostSecret.  If you aren't yet, check it out.

This was REALLY hard.  It made me realize how much of my online life is spent buying practical things, researching for work, and READING CONSTANTLY ABOUT BOOKS!  What sites can you recommend to help me expand my horizons?


  1. How did I forget PostSecret on my list?? Nice list and I'm glad to see another fan of Least Helpful

  2. I didn't even know Least Helpful existed until you and Red both listed it on your top tens! I could read there for hours!!

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Postsecret! I think I kind of assumed everyone already read it, and so I didn't need to mention it (that's my excuse anyway!)

    Hope you're having fun in Europe! It's really hot in England at the moment, so I hope it's hot wherever you are on this crazy continent :) (note: this is totally not a crazy continent)

    1. We went to London and it was still cool, but it was really hot in Paris. Being from Arizona, we weren't exactly seeking heat, but I remember living in London and how nice it was to see the sun.


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