Best of 2012- And a Giveaway

Today's topic is Best of 2012, or most-anticipated books from BEA.  It's also a giveaway day, and although I didn't sign up early enough to really commit to my participation, I'm going to do one anyway. But first, my favorite 2012 published books.

Here are my two favorites of the year so far:

 **These aren't necessarily my favorite books read in 2012, but my favorite published in 2012 that I have read.

As for most anticipated, I'm really looking forward to this:



  1. I keep hearing amazing things about The Fault in Our Stars but I've never read it. perhaps I'll get a chance! Thanks for doing this giveaway

  2. It looks like The Fault in Our Stars is a popular pick! I'm not surprised, I must admit.

  3. Yours is the third blog I've seen which mentioned The Fault in Our Stars as a favorite novel of 2012 (so far). I downloaded the sample on my nook because now I'm so intrigued! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of my own. Happy Armchair BEA Week!

  4. They look like great books! And great giveaway, too!

  5. I so need to read The Fault in Our Stars! Sigh...

    My Armchair BEA: Best of 2012 post.

  6. I want to read The Fault in Our Stars so bad! Heard so many good things about it. :)


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