Sunday Musings

This post isn't really a Sunday Salon, since I'm not planning on talking much about books. I haven't been blogging lately, which isn't really a result of being busy, nor is it a result of not having much to write about. I have a lot of read and un-reviewed books. I've just been feeling a little uninspired about what I do here at The Scarlet Letter. I love reading, and I love reviewing, but I've been wanting to take the plunge and start blogging about other aspects of my life for a while here on this blog.

So, this is my official announcement. I will be talking about other things here. Here are some of the things I might talk about:
1. Travel
2. Writing (if I ever decide to do any:))
3. Weight loss
4. Life in general

I will still be mainly focused on reviewing books, but I am going to try some different formats for posts and such, and I might post more kind of rambly musing stuff. I hope that's okay:) So, to start, here are some photos from my summer of travel:

Stop #1 London:

Southbank at night
Me at Westminster Abbey

Stop #2 Amsterdam
Indonesian Feast

Bike Mania

Stop #3 Paris

Pastoral Marie Antoinette

Serious at Notre Dame

Stop #4 Denver
Street Pianos

Getting crazy active at Red Rocks

Stop #5 Indianapolis
Canal Art

So it goes

 Final Stop (for now...) Chicago:
Sting Rays
Cruising Lake Michigan.  Happy 90th Grandma!


  1. Oh! Chicago! *waves at you*

    Denver looks totally kickass. As do the other places, of course. (except maybe Indiana, but I feel like Illinoisans are just supposed to make fun of Indiana)

    1. You should totally go to Denver. I took the Amtrak when I was a kid, which was really fun if you like that sort of thing. I went to Indianapolis for work and was pleasantly surprised. I won't be heading back soon, but I did see some cool things.

  2. Yay other things! I mean, books are awesome, obviously, but other things are good too! Did you enjoy London? It's pretty nice, huh? :)

    1. I love London. I did my study abroad there in 2003. It is my favorite city, with San Fran a close second.

  3. Ah! Love London, Amsterdam, and Paris! Seems like you're having a great summer!

    1. It's been crazy, but definitely fun. I'm happy to be home now though.


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