Classics Club: August Meme

The Classics Club has a new home on its very own Wordpress blog.  Definitely go visit if you are interested in joining a community that is interested in reading the classics, and if you are interested in a long term challenge.

The club blog is hosting a monthly meme as well, and this months question is:

What is your favorite classic book? Why?

Well, I have lots of favorites, and like everyone, I would be pressed to choose just one.  However, I think I am going to give credit to my blog's namesake today and talk about why I love:

Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter

I didn't love The Scarlet Letter the first time I read it when I was in high school.  I wasn't ready.

I started to love it when I read it for my American Literature survey class in college.

I fell in deep when I was in graduate school.  I read it at least twice, once with students.

This is why I love it:
1.  Despite what anyone tells me, I know that the A represents more than one thing:)
2. "The Custom House" introduction is incredibly amazing, and a totally boring.
3. Hester is FIERCE.

What is your favorite classic book, and what are the top three reasons to love it?


  1. Hester is fierce. Pretty much amazing, really, when you see all that she goes through to stand by her actions and to provide for her daughter in those times. Nice choice! - Sarah

    1. I have a "What Would Hester Prynne Do?" t-shirt. I pretty much love her.

  2. I've never read The Scarlet Letter! *looks away ashamed*

    If I had to chose a favorite classic of mine, I think I'd have to go with Native Son by Richard Wright. It's so powerful and brought me through a number of emotions while reading.

    1. I haven't read Native Son, so I suppose I should be ashamed too. I've heard that it is very powerful, but very sad, so I'm saving it for the right mood.

  3. The Scarlet Letter is on my TBR pile, I think I'll get to it next Christmas holiday. I'm curious because some said it is boring, but some like it very much. I always like books that bring controversy like this. Knowing that this is your favorite and even made you adopt it for your blog name, I'm curious even more! :)

  4. I heart Hawthorne, so I really like your choice for a favorite classic :)

  5. Persuasion by Jane Austen. Reason 1 - Anne Elliot. Reason 2 - Captain Wentworth. Reason 3 - the trip to Lyme Regis when Louisa Musgrove falls down the steps on the Cobb.


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