Some Recent Kindle Purchases:

Sometimes I feature Kindle Deals on the blog, and these are a few Kindle purchases I've made recently that I thought were a pretty good deal:

There are definitely mixed reviews on this one, but also comparisons to Cormac McCarthy. So, at this price, I couldn't pass it up.

I didn't buy this because I already own it, but what a deal. I've heard such good things about this book, and $3.99!

Butler isn't everyone's taste, but I started reading this on Net Galley and was really enjoying it when it expired.

These last two aren't great deals, but the Kindle edition is cheaper than the paperback/hardback, and I really want to read both:
And all the NYRB classics are similarly priced, so it's dangerous territory.

Have you found any great bookish deals online lately? Share your links.


  1. I really loved Arcadia, but thought the Dud Avocado, well was a dud (ha).


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