My Woefully Late CoS Post

I am late with my post on for the HP Readalong (ALL THE GIFS!!!), hosted by Alice at Reading Rambo.  I was visiting Mississippi, doing some AWESOME, work related things, and in the meantime finishing HP, but finding no time to post. 

But, not to fear, I am hear now.  And CoS really picked up for me in the second half.  I just needing to get past the NOTHING HAPPENING, with a little bit of creepy sprinkled throughout.  And don't get me wrong, I like creepy.  Creepy spiders, creepy 50 Shades of Dobby scenes (stop beating that house elf and making him iron his hands!), creepy SSSSSSSSSnake scenes.

I totally know what happens in this book, but I still felt kind of surprised whenever there was a twist or turn. For instance, I spent a lot of time thinking to myself...Is Harry Potter Slytherin's heir?  and OMG...TOM RIDDLE IS VOLDEMORT (which isn't really even a twist, because you find out about three seconds after meeting Tom Riddle).

I may have even spent a minute being suspicious of Percy the Prefect. So, well played JK, well played.

I am still pretty excited to be moving on to the next though.
Where pretty much everyone but me has gone before...

I did check out the first two movies from the Public Library today though, super excited to re-watch them!  I'm on it.


  1. THE RIDDLER! This is very awesome gif usage, miss!

    Weirdly, I'm starting to think that maybe a lot of the HP books have nothing much happening in the first halves, because that has been my experience of PoA this time round... Hmmm. *formulates a theory.*

  2. All of the action in CoS is crammed into the second half. And I agree with Laura that PoA is sorta going that way too (except I love PoA one so DON'T CARE!)

    Eww 50 Shades of Dobby. Now those scenes have a whole new tone

    1. Sorry about that. I couldn't help but hear that tone as I as reading them.


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