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Today The Broke and the Bookish Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie.  And I am going to go completely off the topic of books, because- let's face it- I haven't read many lately.  So, although it is a little inappropriate for the venue, and it is going to make me hungry, here they are:

Top Ten Favorite Things to Eat/ Best Meals Ever:

10. The tasting menu at wd-50 in New York: This kind of feels like a cheat, because this is just a seriously expensive meal, but also the most fun and unique dining experience I have had.

9. Chicago pizza:  I know that people have serious pizza preferences, and I basically like all pizza.  However, growing up, we always visited Chicago in the summer time, and I have great memories of some of the classic downtown pizza places.  My family's preference is Lou Malnati's and my uncle usually sends some at Christmastime.

8. Loves Cupcakes in San Jose, CA:  Seriously awesome cupcakes. 
These little guys are burnt almond

7. Blackened Fish Tacos from Hugo's Cocina in Prescott, AZ:  This is my hometown favorite, just in case you are ever passing through.  The veggie burritos are super-delicious as well, especially if you like roasted garlic.  However, I haven't had better blackened fish tacos anywhere.  The place is a dive, but don't let it fool you.

6. Ubuntu Napa:  Despite my e-card, this is a vegetarian restaurant.  It is also currently closed.  However, it was the highlight of my honeymoon trip to Napa, despite the fact that I ate at two Thomas Keller restaurants (no, not French laundry).  They had a really delicious chickpea thing with a quail egg on it, which I tried really hard to replicate for awhile to no avail.

5.  Tasty Kebab in New Cross, London:  I was pretty happy to see that this still exists according to Google.  I ate this more than anything else when I lived in London.  So many doner kebabs and chips with salt, vinegar and mayonnaise. 
Here she is...

4. The Market Sandwich at Pane Bianco, Phoenix Arizona: Pizzeria Bianco is well-known, and I waited the two and half hours it took to get in, out in the hot sun, soon after it was voted best pizza by the Food Network.  The pizza is good, but for my money, I prefer the sandwich of the day at the restaurant down the street.  The bread is the same crust as the pizza.

3. Le Chocolat Tendance at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Paris:  This dessert is no joke.  There are like eight different types and textures of chocolate in the thing, and it is unbelievable. 

2. Scones from Raging Sage in Tucson, Arizona:  They are so good, I should probably be trying to keep it a secret.  I studied here a lot in graduate school, and I ate a lot of scones.  In fact, I lost like 50 pounds on Weight Watchers and had to eat light the rest of the day because I couldn't give them up. *

1. The Plato at Cafe Poca Cosa in Tucson Arizona: I have been to a lot of good restaurants, and my favorite ever is Poca Cosa, a Mexican food restaurant in Tucson.  The menu here changes twice daily, and the plato is chef's choice of three of the entrees from the current selection.  You can't be picky, but everything here is good.

*I am not endorsing scones as a diet product:)

That list definitely made me hungry, and there are so so many more great places and things.  Maybe I need a food blog.

Where is your favorite place to eat, or the best meal you've ever had?  Seriously, I love recommendations.


  1. So many different types of food! Love the flexibility that this week allowed.

  2. Great post. I can't help but combine book and food recommendations - they go hand in hand!

  3. Great recommendations! I'm hungry now, LOL. For Japanese curry, I love Go!Go!Curry and for ramen, I love Totto Ramen, which is also in NYC (along with Go!Go! Curry). Both are pretty affordable for the NYC-area places.


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