TLC BOOK TOUR: Jennifer DuBois, Cartwheel and A GIVEAWAY!

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Jennifer DuBois' literary thriller Cartwheel is loosely based on the Amanda Knox case.  However, the title comes from an act-- a cartwheel -- done in an interrogation room, which has much more in common with the Jodi Arias headstand. I can't help but wonder if the title is a clue to the enigmatic end.  But, I don't want this post to be spoiler filled, so I'll go back to the beginning.  Lily Hayes, the novel's main character, has been accused of stabbing her roommate Katy to death.  At the time of her accusation, she is studying abroad in Argentina, dating a seriously strange and reclusive billionaire, and  living with a host family who may be harboring some secrets.  The novel is told in multiple points of view:  Lily's father, her sister, her boyfriend, the investigator from the state, even Lily herself.  The story unfolds slowly, teetering back and forth in time.  It feels almost like it is circling, spiraling in towards the central event of the book: the murder.  All of the characters, it seems, have something to hide.  Everyone just may be a suspect. 

It is definitely difficult to talk about the book without giving much away.  I thought the book was a lot of fun, and DuBois defnitely knows how to build tension.  This is a great fall book to curl up with, but make sure that you have someone to discuss it with after your done.  It's a doozy.

Just Kidding:)

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Author: Jennifer Dubois
Publisher: Random House
Date: 2013
 Genre:Literary Thriller

326  pages.
Where I got it: From the publisher and TLC BOOK TOURS

*** A GIVEAWAY ***

The publisher is giving away a copy of this book to a lucky winner.  To enter, please leave a comment here, with an email address at which to contact you.  Maybe tell me about your favorite literary thriller.  I will pick the winner on Friday, October 11th.


  1. Thanks for this compelling giveaway. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

  2. This novel sounds fascinating and enthralling. Many thanks. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I would like to enter please whatredread(at)gmail(dot)com

    I would also like to say that I lived in the town in Italy that the whole Amanda Knox thing went down, though luckily it happened about a year after I left. But yeah so if that helps sway things in my way, thought I'd share.

    In terms of fav lit thrillers...that's a tough one. I just read Horns by Joe Hill which is sorta thriller/sort of horror and was excellent. And I have yet to be disappointed by Lehane's stuff. Gone Baby Gone is so good.

  4. I'd love to win the copy of this book. It sounds absolutely riveting. My favorite thriller is Silence of the Lambs.


  5. I really liked this one ;) You're right that it is one you want to talk about afterwards!! Great choice for a book club.

  6. I read the Amanda Knox book and her story would make a good basis for a work of fiction. I'm looking forward to reading Cartwheel and so far I've seen good reviews. Thanks for hosting a giveaway.
    undermyappletree at gmail dot com

  7. These are the kinds of books that you want to pass along to a friend and hover over her shoulder until she's done reading so you have someone to talk it all over with. I love those kinds of books!

    Thanks for being on the tour. I'm featuring your review on TLC's Facebook page today.

  8. I'm not sure if you already picked a winner but if not, I'd like to enter your giveaway. This book sounds fascinating and, as I followed the Amanda Knox case a bit, I'm interested in Cartwheel. I also sampled the author's writing and thought it was great.

    Thank you for a wonderful post!
    Aimala127 AT gmail DOT com


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