TLC Book Tour: Justin Taylor, Flings

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Justin Taylor's Flings is a collection of short stories about relationships of all sorts: friendships, marriages, relationships with oneself, and, of course, flings.  The format of each story is similar, each feels like a small slice of life, and they are all told in the same casual tone, as if the author is a friend with whom the reader is chatting over coffee.  The beginning of each story sounds like any recounting of an event that you would hear from a friend- first this happened, then that, oh, and then that happened.  Then, as the reader nears the end of the story, the storyteller runs out of breath, and moves towards a moment of stillness.  These are quiet stories; there are no twists at the end.  Just people. living lives, and have moments, both big and small.

I haven't read a collection like this in a while, and I liked hearing the stories of these character's lives.  They felt real to me on the page, like people who I have met and known.  They were funny and sad.  They were like life.

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Title: Flings
Author: Justin Taylor
Publisher: Harper Collins
Date: 2014
Genre: Short Stories

219 pages.
Where I got it: From the publisher and TLC Book Tours


  1. "They were like life." That, for me, is an excellent recommendation for this book in and of itself.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!


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