Week One: My Last Hurrah

I'm still trying to settle on a format for these posts, and I think what I have decided is to start with a little reflection and then some basic stats.  So, this week has shown that I really am a binge shopper.  I knew that I was going to start this challenge on the 2nd, and I prepared by buying things.  I ordered some leggings I had been thinking about, a bunch of baby rompers, some size 3T clothes for my toddler, and I went sale shopping on New Year's Day.  Honestly, the leggings are awesome and so are the baby rompers, but I mostly felt anxiety about my anxiety.  Why was I so worried about stocking up on stuff when I had more than I would ever need?  On the first day of the actual challenge, I cleaned out my daughter's clothes to size them up (always an emotional pursuit).  When I went out to the garage to get the clothes in the next size, I realized that I had more than I could fit in her drawers.  I am surrounded by so much abundance in terms of material possessions. It is time for me to rediscover all the abundance in my life- my family, my job, my home.  I'm excited about the journey.

Items purchased:  I've purchased two things from my approved list this week.  It was my husband's birthday, so I bought him a gift (a sweatshirt that he had told me he wanted), and I consigned some baby clothes and left with a $1.50 pair of black sweatpants (I had allowed myself to get some plain baby basics with my credit).  Normally, I would have spent all my credit in that trip.

Temptations:  A Yeti cup (I have no to-go coffee cups at home) and an upgraded baby bath tub (something I might end up using consignment credit for since baby is growing out of hers). I've also been browsing some shopping sites without purchasing. 

Emotions:  I still feel mostly doubt and anxiety about my ability to do the challenge.  I still haven't told many people yet in my personal life.  I'm hopeful though.

Resources and actions:  I checked out two books from the library: this one and this one. I also turned off notifications or left shopping groups on Facebook. 


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