One Month Down: January and No Shopping!

I haven't been keeping up with my blogging like I had hoped, but I have been continuing my spending fast.  I've learned a few things so far:

1.  I am really spending beyond my means.  I am going to have to dig deeper than I thought.
2. Not spending money isn't as hard as I thought it would be.
3.  There are some fringe benefits to not buying new stuff- less laundry, less choice getting dressed in the morning, less clutter.

My first month of this challenge feels more like a "trial month," since what I learned is that I need to make even more change to my spending.  Also, I was making payments still on a debt that is now paid, which should help free up some cash.

I have been resistant to a real financial reckoning since the beginning of this.  I thought I could make some small changes and my debt would kind of start to resolve itself- WRONG.  So, I read this book, and have started to take the steps she suggests. 

1.  I have added up my debt.  What I learned, is that I have less than I thought (especially in the student loan area).  This was heartening.
2.  I have started to take a three-month inventory of all my spending.  This is exhausting.  I spend too much money on groceries, on coffee, and on the vending machine at my work.  I also have some subscriptions to cancel.
3.  I have started keeping track of my spending using an old-fashioned check register.  This is a habit that I still need to get into, but I am going to give it a shot.

Items Purchased:  One top from a Luluroe charity fundraiser (approved, but possibly unnecessary). I am purchasing a stuffed animal zoo for my kid's room (not necessary, and I'm feeling a little bad about it now).  I also had to purchase a copy of a book for the library because I spilled my coffee on their copy.  I almost bought sandals for my daughter but canceled the order.

Temptations:  I just have been feeling a general urge to go shopping.  There isn't anything in particular, but I am missing the action. 

Emotions:  Meh.

Resources and actions:  The book that I linked about has been a great resource.  I've canceled a couple of app subscriptions so they don't auto-renew.  I've canceled my BOTM subscription that I thought I was going to keep.  I will also be canceling my New York Times online subscription (which is unnecessarily difficult BTW).


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