March and April No Shopping Update: The Episode in Which I Buy Alllllll Of the Things

So, I totally went off the rails....

What happened is, I bought my kids some gifts for their Easter baskets.

Seriously, that is it, that was all it took for me to start buying stuff again, and buying so much stuff my mailman asked me to get a bin out by the street for my packages (which, um, no thanks, I would like my stuff not to be stolen en masse, thank you).  So, what I learned from this is, shopping really is an addictive behavior, and it is easy to relapse.

There are some positives here. 

1.  I didn't really use credit cards during the buying season of spring 2018.  I borrowed from savings to cover overspending a little, but I didn't resort to the cc's and completely reverse my progress.
2.  I filled up a lot of shopping carts but didn't hit 'order confirmed.'
3.  I found a lot of bargains.
4.  I put my tax return towards my debt.

So, could have been worse, but now the goal is to get back on track and spend the rest of May frugally.  I was dreaded posting this, because I don't feel good about not sticking to it.  However, I think it is more important to celebrate my successes, and to focus on continuing to use the tools I've gained to work towards my goal.


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