The Sunday Salon: Blogging Sabbatical

Happy late Sunday to all you book bloggers and book blog readers.  I'm using the Salon this week to announce that I am taking a blogging sabbatical for about a week.  It is the end of the summer semester, and I have a stack of grading that would be taller than me if it was an actual stack of physical papers:)  I also am taking a summer class myself and I am pretty behind, so I'll be immersed in Dreamweaver and online grading for about the next week. 

I will obviously need to take some breaks, but I've decided that those breaks need to be away from my computer since my massage therapist last week told me that right below my shoulders it felt like I had inserted a piece of metal where my muscles should be.  So, I'll probably do some reading, which I'm feeling a little slumpy about right now, and some yoga to try to work out that sheet-metal-in-the back problem.

Anyway, when I come back, I have Ryan Bradley's collection of short stories, Prize Winners, and Megan McCafferty, Bumped.  I've also listened to a couple of YA audiobooks that I have not reviewed.  Currently I am reading Benjamin Hale, The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore, by which I am completely awestruck.  I can't wait to review it and tell you all why it is so, well, awesome.

So, I'll see you all in a week.  Stay cool!


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