Top Ten Tuesday: Spring TBR


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by the wonderful bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish.

This week asks for our Top Ten Books from our spring TBR.  I think I'll share a mix of books from my new book club (yipee!), challenges, and new releases that will be coming soon in my mailbox.

10. Toni Morrison, A Mercy : This is being read now, for my book club.  I'm excited to read some Toni Morrison again.  This is a slight book, but I can already tell that it is going to be an intense read.

9. Cheryl Strayed, Wild :  I've pre-ordered this, and I'm extremely excited about it.  I've been pretty burnt out on memoirs lately, and I've been staying away from personal writing. However, I've been hearing the buzz on this one, and I'm unable to resist.

8.  Donna Tartt, The Secret History: This one will count for two challenges, and it has been on my TBR forever.

7. Rosencrans Baldwin, Paris I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down: This one will be arriving from my pre-order right before I go to Paris, so I am looking forward to some appropriately themed reading.

6.  J.M. Tohline, The Great Lenore: This is on my guilt list.  It is an indie that I really do want to read and keep not getting to.  But, I just saw a Great Gatsby play, that made me want to read Fitzgerald, and this is compared to Fitzgerald, so I'm trying to transfer some of that energy.

5. Truman Capote, In Cold Blood: A classic that will count for THREE of my current challenges.  I've never read Capote.  It's kind of a big hole.

4. Megan Mahew Bergman, Birds of a Lesser Paradise: I had this on Net Galley and let it expire, and so I bought it immediately.  I'm going to try to not let it gather too much dust on my shelves.

3. Emily St. John Mandel, The Lola Quartet:  I have this one on Net Galley and would like to read it before it expires.  Imagine that.

2.  Nell Freudenberger, The Newlyweds:  This one comes out towards the end of Spring, and I probably won't get it until I get back from Europe, but I'm really jazzed about this one for some reason.

1. Jeffrey Eugenides, The Marriage Plot: Finally.  My book club picked this one, and so I will actually be reading it soon and not just putting it on lots of lists.

I'm sure I won't get to all of these, and I'll get distracted by other things, but so be it.  What do you plan to read this spring?


  1. Oooh, A Secret History and In Cold Blood are goooood, and The Marriage Plot is obviously the best. Thing. Ever. Hope you enjoy your spring reads :)

  2. I have In Cold Blood, but other than that I haven't heard of any of these. I'm definitely going to have to check these out.

    Great post!

    Here's my Teaser/Top Ten Tuesday post

    Happy reading!

    ~Danica Page
    Taking It One Page at a Time

  3. I listened to In Cold Blood last year. It is a fabulous book, perhaps one of the best nonfiction novels (and true crime) I've ever read.

    Here's my list:

  4. I was surprised by how much I liked In Cold Blood. It's one of those books that stayed with me for a very long time after I finished it. Likewise with The Marriage Plot, which I didn't really like for the first 100 pages, but by the end I was thinking about the characters as I went about my day.

    The Great Lenore - lots of parallels with The Great Gatsby and wonderfully written. I'm looking forward to what J.M. Tohline does next.

    I'm currently reading The Newlyweds and it's good, but I haven't been completely sucked in yet.

    ...and The Secret History has been on my TBR list for a long time too!

  5. My book club just read The Marriage Plot! Enjoy!

  6. hi lady! just found you via "broke and the bookish" for top 10 tuesday. we have lots in common book-wise, so i can't wait to read more! <3, your new follower

  7. I've never read any Capote, but I would like to in the future. I look forward to your thoughts!

  8. When are you going to Pairs?! I love Paris! My husband and I enjoyed ourselves 2 yrs ago. Such a beautiful city. Watch out for the pick pockets and the scammers. They are ruthless!

  9. I've gotta be honest... I haven't heard of/don't know much about most of these, but I'm certainly intrigued! I'm running to Goodreads after I comment, but I had to let you know that your image for this post is hilarious!

    Also, have fun in Europe... I'm super jealous! I went to Paris, the South of France, and Barcelona in 2008, and I can't wait to go back!

  10. I listened to In Cold Blood last month and it was a fantastic story (in a chilling sort of way). I don't ever read true crime, but this one is worth it!

  11. Three thoughts for your Thursday:

    1) 'The Great Lenore' by JM Tohline, huh? I heard (or something) that it's a pretty good read.

    2) 'The Secret History' is one of my Top Ten All-Time Favorites. It stretches the bounds of believability (as does 'The Great Lenore,' admittedly), but if you can bring yourself to believe, it is an astounding read.

    3) I did a reading in Connecticut last summer with Emily St. John Mandel. She was fantastic! I hope she records her own audiobook version of one of her novels someday; she can really bring her story to life.

    The end.


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