Top Ten Tuesday: All About Me

The topic for TTT this week (hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) is: Top Ten Posts on Your Blog That Would Give the BEST Picture of YOU as a reader and a person.

Here they are:

10.  My most recent review of two books by Daniel Smith and Shane Jones:  I'm trying to incorporate a little more of the personal in my blog posts, and I'm dipping my toes in here.

9. A post with pictures:  This post shows my love of Iphone photography, and of travel, and food...

8. This post about Authors Speaking talks a little bit about my love of lectures and live readings.

7. This Top Ten Tuesday about books I would take with me in a fire gives a good idea of what I value.

6. I love this review of Jennifer Egan and Sloane Crosely, in which I talk about both things that work for me as a reader and things that don't.

5. Memes (like this Four Things Meme) are always a good way to get to know a blogger.

4. I think all book bloggers read widely, and read things other than books.  This is a post about my love for long form nonfiction and Kindle Singles.

3. This Literary Blog Hop about difficult books gives a little bit of my academic background and some discussion of classics that I love.

2. My review of Anne Carson is the one that I most wish my readers would read and then pick up the book- it was so unique and wonderful (the book, not my review:))

1. This Sunday Salon talks about some of my all-time favorite books.  The ones that I loved before blogging.

What kinds of posts tell about you as a blogger?


  1. I just read your post on readings and lectures- I too love going to things like that! It makes me miss college.

  2. I love your post with pictures! Fabulous list.

    My Top Ten

  3. Great list! Your instagram photos are gorgeous and yay for McEwan's Atonement!

    Here's my TTT this week =)

  4. Just read your Egan/Crosley post- it's fab! I just read A Visit From the Goon Squad, so I'm all about finding out what other people thought about it at the moment :)

  5. Your photo´s are fun and I like your boots. They are very cool!

  6. Your posts are reminding me of all the great books I still haven't gotten to yet! Great choices :-)

  7. I want to incorporate more of the personal into my reviews too! Also love the post with photos. :D


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